Posted on December 23, 2016 2:52 pm
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Building Peace By Eliminating Illicit Crops and Providing Viable Alternatives (S)

In the municipality of Briceño, department of Antioquia, a government-sponsored initiative to provide farmers with viable alternatives to illicit crops started in July, in a well-attended and publicized event that included FARC leader Pastor Alape and an official peace delegation. The program is being implemented in the hamlets of Orejón, Pueblo Nuevo, La Calera, La América, El Pescado, La Mina, Buenavista, Altos De Chiri, Roblal y Palmichal, where workshops led by experts will present projects and proposals. “Dwellers will commit to not planting or otherwise be involved with illicit crops”, while the government will deploy alternative development plans.