Posted on December 31, 2016 3:50 pm
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Four Months After Bilateral Cease Fire, Almost Full Compliance and No Casualties (S)

CERAC, the Centro de Recursos para el Análisis de Conflictos reports that, “After four months (122 days) since the bilateral ceasefire commenced, there is almost full complete compliance with the commitments and protocols that define the cessation of hostilities. In addition, no deaths or injuries were reported from civil society or from the public forces. There have been three cases of hostile acts against the civilian population, none of them criminal or violent. In terms of acts that violate the Agreement and the protocols governing the cease-fire contained in it, two violent actions have taken place: A fight between the authorities and the FARC, a case of non-extortive kidnapping and two hostile violations against the civilian population. In all these actions, two guerrillas and one dissident (ex-militiaman) of FARC lost their lives; in addition a civilian was kidnapped, who was released unharmed without extortionary payments being made.

No fatalities or casualties from the civilian population or the authorities have been reported during the four months of bilateral cease fire. 

Full report in Spanish.