Posted on January 12, 2017 8:07 am
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FARC Starts Process Toward Political Party: Voces de Paz Registered at CNE (S)

Report from Caracol Radio: “The National Electoral Council (CNE) fully accepts the registration of Voces de Paz (Voices of Peace), as a step preceding its formation as a political party. The request was approved with eight votes and grants official recognition to this political group with their spokespeople and statutes … It has legal recognition, can engage in proselytizing, and will be granted state protection”, said National Electoral Council President Alexander Vega. Voces de Paz will have speaking rights in both chambers of the congress but won’t have voting privileges.

Other reports state that the government will provide a stipend for the representatives.

Francisco Tolosa, spokesperson for Voces de Paz this is one more step in the implementation of the peace agreement, which helps to create a new democratic force for the end of the conflict, allowing the guerrillas to engage in politics once they have left the weapons. The magistrate of this resolution Héctor Elí Rojas, explained that once the guerrillas put down their arms and create the new political party, the movement Voces de Paz must disappear.

El magistrado ponente de esta resolución Héctor Elí Rojas, explicó que una vez la guerrilla deje las armas y se cree el nuevo partido político, este movimiento Voces de Paz debe desaparecer.

Caracol Radio in Spanish

Voces de Paz

List of delegates: Jairo Estrada, professor at Universidad Nacional; Imelda Daza, member Unión Patriótica; Pablo Cruz, university professor; Judith Maldonado, expert in human rights; Francisco Toloza, professor at Universidad Nacional; Jairo Rivera, spokesperson for Mesa Nacional Estudiantil.