Posted on January 16, 2017 9:51 am
Categories: Legal

‘Nation’s Procurator as Guarantor of the Peace Agreement’ Meet Fernando Carrillo (S)

Oscar Andrés Sánchez publishes in El Colombiano an interview with Fernando Carrillo, Colombia’s New Procurator General. Mr. Carrillo’s good offices helped broker a recent meeting with Pope Francis between President Juan Manuel Santos and his nemesis and former boss Alvaro Uribe.

“Carrillo was behind the interview the Vatican extended to Uribe days after Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize.

“In conversations with EL COLOMBIANO, the Procurator said that since the end of October, when the senate elected him, he has heard the voices of many in Colombia and abroad and they trust that the Procurator’s office will be a guarantor of the peace agreements, defender of human rights an a player in a new era of struggling against “the jungle of corruption that threatens to asphysxiate the trust of citizens in justice and democracy”.

Full interview in Spanish.