Posted on January 23, 2017 6:39 pm
Categories: Children

‘Younger Guerrillas Who Wish to Be Politically Active Have the Right to Do So’: Presidential Counsel for Human Rights Paula Gaviria (S)

Paula GaviriaIt’s  been known that many of the younger guerrillas believe that if they make their way as minors they will not have the same political and social advantages that if they wait until they become adults. What would your tell them? Paula Gaviria: The State has a responsibility towards all. They are victims of the conflict. Reparation is definitely a first answer. But it’s obvious that we are in a context of peace and some of these young people want to be a part of the process of political leadership. That option is a valid one and should be respected, but it does not interfere with the support that State must afford them as victims of the armed conflict, even if they do not feel as such. I would tell them: you are under no risk of losing any political benefits. El Espectador