Posted on January 29, 2017 12:24 pm
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FARC’s Final March as An Army: Thousands of Fighters Start Moving to Demobilization Camps (S)

Traveling by foot, in boats, and trucks, after 52 years of war the FARC are concluding this weekend their last march as an armed group. Through the mountains, rivers and roads of 33 routes previously defined with the Government, at least 5,500 guerrillas march to the 26 points across the country where they will disarm. Among them, as a novelty of peace, there are pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is a gigantic march supported about 600 officials and protected by a state security cordon. The command is at the headquarters of the Mechanism of Monitoring and Verification of the Ceasefire in Bogotá, where details and last minute logistical setbacks are resolved. Pregnant guerrillas and nursing mothers will have two nights of pause on their way to places where the FARC, at the end of May, will cease to exist as an insurgent organization. Interview with Carlos Córdoba, director of the demobilization zones and coordinator of this migration. El Tiempo