Posted on January 30, 2017 8:44 am
Categories: ELN

‘We Will Not Be Leaving This Table’: ELN’s Commander Pablo Beltrán on Peace Negotiations (S)


El Espectador: There are sectors of ELN that say that [round of peace talks] are only exploratory and not a negotiation. Others call for a sixth congress. What about the unity of ELN? Pablo Beltrán. We usually measure unity by facts. If ELN accepts commitments, we fulfill them all. If you see that the commitments are not fulfilled, then that means that ELN is divided. We said from the outstart that ELN will not commit to anything we can’t carry out. The debate on peace within the left and inside ELN is very broad, but more than a political debate, it’s a debate over credibility: last year, 117 leaders were killed, one every three days, and in the early days January the count had reached 15, one every other day. What message is that? But we will not be leaving this table, we will persevere in seeking a political solution to the conflict, despite the adversities that exist. We have doubts, but that does not mean that this delegation is going to get off the table. El Espectador