Posted on January 31, 2017 10:10 am
Categories: Transitions

Delays, Tricky Logistics Hamper Peace Process: CBC Reports from Northern Colombia Demobilization Camp (E)

At the FARC encampment near Conejo, guerrillas kill time playing volleyball, watching TV, and peeling potatoes and plantains for dinner. They wear civilian clothes. Hardly anyone carries a gun. Some of the rebels have been hired to work on the demobilization camp. Nixon Leguizamón, the construction site foreman, said that due to the danger he never would have ventured into this part of Colombia during the war. But he now enjoys working alongside the rebels. He said: “They are very willing to collaborate,”

Just down the road at a military checkpoint, Colombian army troops have also assumed a new role. They are now under orders to protect the guerrillas as they prepare to disarm. “It’s been a tremendous change for us,” says Corp. Luis Alberto Wilches, a 15 year veteran who has been involved in numerous combat operations against the FARC. “But we soldiers have the most at stake in bringing the war to an end. This is something that’s very good.” CBC News