Posted on February 2, 2017 9:56 am
Categories: World

Breitbart Reports on Colombia, Drugs and FARC ‘Marxist Terrorists’ (E)

From Breitbart: Brazilian and Colombian officials are warning that Brazil’s largest drug syndicate, the First Capital Command (PCC), has begun hiring members of the Marxist terrorist group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) following the signing of a “peace deal” to disarm the FARC.

Colombian Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas warned that PCC gang members have “been offering jobs to the FARC.” The Wall Street Journal notes that officials representing both governments met this week to discuss combatting the potentially deadly merger of the two narco-terrorist groups. Of particular concern are FARC terrorists operating in Colombia’s interior, near the border with Brazil, who have objected to a peace deal with the Colombian government and may continue their violent activities. The Journal report estimates that the number of FARC terrorists uninterested in putting down their weapons may be up to one out of ten guerrilla members.

Last week, Brazilian Defense Minister Raúl Jungmann issued public statements expressing concern over the number of FARC terrorists who do not want to participate in the group’s disarmament. “There are dissidents within FARC who are not willing to enter this peace process and there is a fear, justified or not, that part of this arsenal may migrate to our cities,” he told reporters.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has made a peace process with the FARC the cornerstone of his political policy, negotiating with FARC leaders hiding in Havana, Cuba, for years. The two sides agreed on a deal that would offer impunity for post-FARC terrorists and enable FARC leaders to establish a political party. Colombia’s constitution requires such a deal to be approved by a popular referendum; in October, Colombians voted against legitimizing the FARC, a group responsible for at leat 200,000 deaths in its half-century of existence. Breitbart