Posted on February 2, 2017 11:04 am
Categories: Women

Gender Focus: Debates, Transformations and Potentialities in Colombia’s New Peace Accord (E)

“It cannot be stressed enough that gender, as an analytical and social category and as a public policy approach, is framed in the recognition of rights and inclusion as a democratic principle. After all, contexts that reproduce patterns of exclusion and discrimination of women and LGBTI people are spaces that justify and normalize gender-based violence. To that extent, the gender approach is a two-way bet: on the one hand, for the protection and guarantee of individual rights through affirmative and reparative actions, and on the other, for equity and equality as a framework for social transformation in terms of inclusive relations.

“The gender-based approach also involves differential attention to victims of war as their position is unequal in society. And to that extent, strategic actions must be taken to promote the recognition of citizenship and the transformation of social relations. One of the contributions of gender studies to the understanding and development of democracy has been the broad vision of the political, which incorporates the private sphere of social life as an element of politics and a space in which unequal relations are reproduced just as in the public sphere[8]

“Returning to the Peace Agreement and by way of conclusion, it must be said that the gender-based approach remains potent although it has been transformed between the lines of the text. This transformation entailed the combination of public policy approaches that refer to differential policies, equal opportunities, gender and attention to vulnerable populations, resulting in an institutional effort to materialize these good intentions. The debates and transformations on the gender approach in the Peace Agreement come hand in hand with important challenges and potential for women’s and LGBTI organizations, not only in accompanying the implementation of the agreement, but also in persevering in the objective of the gender approach and the promotion of non-discrimination as non-negotiable for peacebuilding.” Gender Focus