Posted on February 4, 2017 11:29 am
Categories: Political

Despite Those Who Voted No: The War Has Been Left Behind, FARC Is Transitioning

Excerpts of a column by Silla Vacía’s Héctor Riveros.  It has not been easy. It took more than four years to reach acceptable conditions for FARC to carry out their voluntary demobilization and disarmament. These conditions had to be rebuilt after the result of the plebiscite, and yet a high percentage of citizens still rejects the agreement. Nevertheless, today members of the guerrilla woke up concentrated in the transitional zones and literally surrounded by the nation’s security forces that now provide their security.


Those who justifiably speak out against the recruitment of minors refuse to accept that the best way to prevent this from happening is by helping to end the guerrilla, rather than persisting in the confrontation so that they continue killing those children while others keep providing them with the weapons for them to kill some more.

The dimension of life has been lost to the extent that a debate started about dozens of pregnant former guerrillas — those critics seemed to be wondering why the guerrillas weren’t having abortions.

The effort made by the government offices responsible for compliance with the agreement has been monumental. Leasing dozens of buses, tractors, and pick-up trucks to transport the guerrillas; provide medical personnel to receive the sick, deliver ood, security; negotiate with mayors and governors so they do not become obstacles as was the case with that of Antioquia; to agree to begin eradication of illicit crops, monitor demining, to make legal maneuvers and guarantee majorities to approve the laws that are required, answer the prosecutor, read the statements of the President of the Council of State.

The group of people who formed the negotiating team had already done so, sacrificing four years of their family lives to find a formula that would make possible what happened this week: that FARC demobilized. For now they can have the satisfaction of having fulfilled their duty and the gratitude of Colombians for having changed our history. La Silla Vacía