Posted on February 6, 2017 5:23 pm
Categories: Juan Manuel Santos


President Juan Manuel Santos proposed to make a great pact on the implementation of the Peace Agreements.

“We are now beginning a difficult negotiation with the ELN.  I take a great opportunity to reiterate an offer. When I was with former President Uribe and the Holy Father in December, we discussed possible agreements that we could reach with the opposition, with the Democratic Center.

“I reiterated, and I will repeat it once again, Dr. Carlos Holmes, we are completely willing to reach an agreement on the implementation of the agreements. […] Let’s make a big deal so things turn out well, “said the President.

President Santos proposed to leave politics out of the negotiations with ELN and reiterated his offer to former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez to appoint a representative to participate in negotiations with this insurgent organization.

“I made another offer to former President Uribe in front of the Holy Father: to appoint a person in the delegation to negotiate with ELN. I think there are points in the history of the countries and in the political controversies where we have to come to an agreement that’s above any political difference, “he said.

“The Uribe administration sat for almost three years with the Eln in Cuba negotiating. What a great contribution to this process it could make. Let’s keep the process with ELN outside of the political realm. That will benefit the process, it will be good for the country, and the whole world”. Presidencia Colombia