Posted on February 7, 2017 9:36 am
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‘Todos Somos Buenos’: Photo Project by José Alejandro González Captures the Goodness of Colombians (S)

From street people, to peasants, social leaders and even FARC members, Jose Alejandro González believes that Colombians have an inherent goodness. In recent years, from the portraits of Colombians that he takes instantaneously in any town and in any situation, González has assembled a series that tries to cross the gaps of class, region and ideology to uphold a thesis more challenging than any prejudice : Colombians are good.”

He travels the country points his camera and shoots while conducting a brief interview with his subjects. Paula Durán The New York Times

 Rafael Arrieta, peasant and social leader in Bolívar; Victoria, FARC front 18, Ituango, Antioquia; Gloria, from Palenque, street salesperson. 

Todos somos buenos