Posted on February 8, 2017 3:33 pm
Categories: Human Rights

The Return of Death Squads (Paras) to Urabá: Apartadó Bishop’s Urgent Plea for Help (S)

Monsignor Hugo Alberto Marín sends an SOS to the national government in which he describes the critical situation of the region with the return of the paras.


Regarding the issues of demobilization and peace building, we ask ourselves: What is the role of civil society in the subregion? What do we have to do in the middle of an increasingly disconcerting situation? We cannot forget the past that threatens to repeat itself: The tragedy of the systematic murder of so many people committed to social and political change which as know well must be carried out. All leaders in the region are need to become aware of these situations and together search for solutions. Monsignor Hugo Alberto Marín, Apartadó February 3, 2017. Las 2 Orillas