Posted on February 9, 2017 1:26 pm
Categories: Children

Challenging Times: Ups and Downs of Adaptation to Home Life by FARC Minors Handed Over (S)

Authorities in Antioquia have voiced concern over the difficulties in adaptation to the new environment that are affecting 13 minors handed over by FARC last year to a commission of Unicef ​​and the Red Cross in northern Ituango.

Antioquia’s Secretary of Government, Victoria Eugenia Ramírez, confirmed that the children returned to their homes, in Ituango and some municipalities in Valle del Cauca, but have had difficulties adapting to their new lifestyle and sharing with their families.

“We know that the children who were returned in Ituango are having difficulties with their families. We are looking at what the Government of Antioquia can do so that this link does not break. They came home and are a little disappointed,” said the official.

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