Posted on February 9, 2017 2:05 pm
Categories: Political

Protecting Life to Sustain the Peace Process: Red Pro de Paz (S)


The National Network for Development and Peace Programs, Redprodepaz, supports the statement by Monsignor Hugo Torres – issued by the Pilgrim Church in Cordoba and Urabá — on the alarming and “accelerated regrouping and increased paramilitary activity” in Urabá, of which which we can be assured it is not an isolated case.

At this valuable and historic time, FARC readies to lay down their weapons,  we hope that peace will not cost us our lives.

We deplore the continuous murders of social leaders and citizens who claim land, while paramilitaries take over the areas vacated by the guerrillas as they transition to civilian life.

There is an imperious need to build a State of rights, that’s efficient and decent, and that offers full guarantees to the new citizenship that will arises from the laying down of arms and that is pushing development and peace, from the local and regional processes. It is the responsibility of the government to protect those who claim lands, the peasants and social leaders.

We make an urgent call to the international community to support us in the defense of life as a mean to achieve sustainability for the peace effort in Colombia.