Posted on February 10, 2017 10:32 am
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Limping Forward: The Chaotic and Behind-Schedule FARC Demobilization Process (E)


“While the guerrillas should have been demobilized by December 31 already, this has still not happened as the government seems unable to construct the camps where the rebels will be staying while disarming and going through their initial judicial procedures.

“The majority of the transition zones where Colombia’s FARC guerrillas are expected to demobilize and disarm will now be ready by March 1, according to the government. They should have been ready in early December already.”


“The FARC’s 180-day demobilization and disarmament process is part of a major, 10-year national peace process that seeks to end more than 52 years of violence that has left more than 8 million victims.

“The first deadline for the effective disarmament of 30% of the FARC’s members is on March 1, 90 days after the peace deal came into force on December 1.

“The guerrillas should be fully disarmed and their explosives removed from jungle caches by April 30. However, the peace agreement allows a 30-day extension in the case this is deemed necessary.

“The FARC’s full demobilization, disarmament and reintegration should be completed by May 30, the day the United Nations’ role as observer of the process should end.” Colombia Reports