Posted on February 12, 2017 11:23 am
Categories: Transitions

Silla Vacía Interviews High Commisioner for Peace Humberto de la Calle (S)

“Colombians always negotiate on the basis of asking for 200 to get 100 — and that happens even when laws are drafted. Criminal laws are very harsh as to provide room for reduction of sentences. That’s not how we did things at the Havana negotiating table. What we always proposed, or what we set as the Government’s position, was very close to what we really wanted to get. At first the FARC did not believe such was the case — they always thought that we had something else in mind — but they started learning that we were being honest. This also happened to the citizens, as they managed to understand.


“Something is going to change in the political environment, and is that we have to get used to a FARC that’s radical — with an absolutely radical ideology. And which will be part of the political system. It will happen to the degree that FARC adopt the ways of democracy, not to change their ideology, but to understand that respecting the ideas of others is the game.

“Now I see a huge disproportion, which seems to me the product of an extremely superficial vision, for example, in the criticisms over the transitional zones, some of which were not ready,. To focus on purely logistical elements seem a bit disconcerting to me because the discussion is focusing on the shortcomings and not on the miracle that is happening: Witnessing the FARC columns as they enter the transitional zones of normalization after 52 years of conflict.” La Silla Vacía