Posted on February 13, 2017 11:17 am
Categories: World

Ireland’s Michael Higgins visit’s FARC transitional zone in Anorí (S)


Michael Higgins, President of Ireland, visited on Sunday one of the transitional demobilization zones where FARC guerrillas are assembled as a step toward demobilization and laying down their weapons.

“The visit of President Higgins is the first by a head of state to an area where FARC is demobilizing: Ireland supports the peace process,” said the Irish presidency on Twitter.

Higgins, who arrived to Colombia from Peru, visited the village of La Plancha, in the municipality of Anorí, department of Antioquia, accompanied by the High Commissioner for Peace, Sergio Jaramillo, and the director of the Sena, Alfonso Prada. “It is a privilege to be here and witness these very necessary steps in a journey not only towards peace, but also towards all the benefits that are beyond peace,” said the Irish president. El Tiempo