Posted on February 13, 2017 10:51 am
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Leading the Way: Colombia Peace Process a Model for the World (E)

Participants of the 16th Nobel Peace Prize Summit held February 2 to 4 in Bogotá said that both the positive and negative experiences of other processes were studied during discussions leading to the existing peace agreement between FARC guerrillas and the Government. “Negotiations started from a basic premise: At the center of the conflict’s solution lie the claim and guarantee that victims have a right to the truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition. An innovative model of transitional justice was developed which, while respecting international standards, seeks to achieve maximum justice without sacrificing peace. The process was carried out in an environment of discretion, patience and seriousness, with periodic communications to the media, avoiding the pressure to produce daily news or results,” they explained in a press release.

In the document, they called on the international community to support its implementation, just as it did during the process leading to peace. “This includes ensuring the presence of the State and its services in areas most affected by the conflict; the demining of the territory; the implementation of the transitional justice system; rural development programs, substitution of illicit crops and reparation for victims; the fight against violence generated by criminal gangs, such as those formed by former paramilitaries, and the reincorporation of ex-guerrillas into civilian life, including participation in FARC politics, once disarmament has been completed.” Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica