Posted on February 16, 2017 9:35 am
Categories: Cost of Peace

A Win Win Partnership: Ambassador Pinzón on Why Growing Colombia Prosperity Will Benefit the US (E)

Ambassador Juan Carlos Pinzón, Colombia’s envoy to Washington D.C., discusses the importance for the US to embrace the peace process, a new phase of a decades-old bilateral partnership. Excerpts from an opinion piece Mr. Pinzón published 2/15/17 in The Hill. 

[…] “An alliance once narrowly focused on combatting security challenges has matured and expanded to issues critical to the future of both nations and the hemisphere, including advancing cooperation on energy, education and innovation.

These issues are being addressed between our two governments as part of the High-Level Partnership Dialogue, between private and public sector leaders as part of the new U.S.-Colombia Advisory Council, and among policymakers and thought leaders through the bipartisan Colombia Peace and Prosperity Task Force. This forward-looking work is a testament to Colombia’s transformation and to the power of our bilateral partnership.”


“Peace Colombia will allow Colombia to be an even stronger partner for the United States. We are one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America, and we will continue to be a beneficial trading partner for America — generating export growth and supporting jobs in both of our countries.

“The knowledge we have gained in fighting for peace has given us security expertise that we are now able to share with America’s global partners, putting Colombia in the pivotal position of helping keep the United States, the region, and the world secure.

“As with Plan Colombia, Peace Colombia will largely be supported by Colombian taxpayers, who will fund more than 90 percent of the initiative. The Peace Colombia effort will lead to additional progress that benefits Americans, including reductions in crime, drug trafficking and illegal mining.

“Broader than that, the initiative will strengthen Colombia and our shared goals. With a track record of progress, Colombia and the United States are well positioned to achieve even more together.”  The Hill