Posted on February 17, 2017 4:46 pm
Categories: Transitions

Community Radio Stations: 650 of Them; Much Needed, Constantly Praised, But Will They Survive? (S)

The 650 community stations that exist in Colombia today have undertaken the task of gaining strength to support the implementation of the agreement between the guerrilla and the Government. Community radio emerged 20 years ago when the first dials were assigned by the Ministry of Communications. The objective is to implement a social and business model that can give them sustainability.

In 2001, at their heyday, hundreds of municipalities of the country created regional networks of local radio stations. There are currently 29 such networks and one of them is Red Cooperativa de Medios de Comunicación Comunitarios de Santander (Redsander). 

The networks main objective, according to Fernando Tibaduiza Araque who has watched over the project since its inception: To be able to thrive as a social enterprise and as a cultural project of community development in the territories they serve. Interview in El Espectador