Posted on February 18, 2017 9:24 am
Categories: Transitions

FARC Commander Pablo Catatumbo on the BBC: Discusses Present Challenges and Road Forward (S)

Although still considered a wanted man by the US authorities, Pablo Catatumbo (nom de guerre of Jorge Torres Victoria) has been and remains highly visible in matters related to the peace agreement being implemented in Colombia. He discussed where things stand with Natalio Cosoy of BBC News. 

State of affairs: Things are generally going well. FARC has kept our promise of bringing our troops to the concentration zones, from where we will be moving to the transitional zones. We have found some difficulties along the way: Construction is not ready for the facilities where guerrillas will dwell for 180 days. The government has had problems meeting its commitment. Despite that, FARC has arrived to the zone. About 98%.

Laying down the weapons: That commitment will be kept. You will have to take into consideration, and we’re discussing that issue, the delays in the implementation. But I don’t see further complications.

Will it take longer than 180 days: That’s a possibility that should be considered in good faith. In a cool, sensible way, so that we can find solutions regarding dates, timing — it’s evident that mobilizing people to the zones has run into difficulties.

If agreements are not met in five to ten years: That would be deplorable and I hope that it doesn’t happen. But if it were to happen that would mean that we are failing.

Would it mean a return to armed violence? It could. We don’t want that.

Foto Daniel Baldotto. BBC