Posted on February 19, 2017 10:29 am
Categories: Political

Against Background of Peace Talks and Corruption Investigations, Colombia Prepares for 2018 Presidential Elections (S)

[..]  The government itself, as well as the Nobel Peace Prizes gathered in Bogota a few weeks ago, asked presidential candidates to respect the peace agreement above political ambitions, which is why there are those who welcome a possible candidacy of the chief negotiator with FARC, liberal Humberto de la Calle.

For now, De la Calle is pulling proverbial petals off the proverbial daisy and has shown signs that he could be a candidate, as was the case when he proposed in an interview with El Tiempo a coalition around peace able to defeat the right in the first round right.


It remains to be seen, however, what will be the impact of FARC’s entry into the upcoming electoral process, and whether it will end up adding votes to one of the candidates who takes ownership of the peace flag. El Economista América