Posted on February 20, 2017 11:43 am
Categories: World

A Historic Movilization: 6,900 FARC Fighters Finish Assembling in Transitional Camps (F)

Le Monde reports: “The arrival of some 300 guerrillas to a concentration point in the south of the country marks the end of the “regrouping of approximately 6,900 FARC-EP men and women […] who’ve travelled by foot, in vehicles and boats,” said General Javier Pérez Aquino, head of international observers of the UN mission in Colombia.

“The transfer of the guerrillas to 26 assembly points across the country, where they will lay down their weapons and prepare for their return to civilian life under the supervision of the UN, began on 28 January. President Juan Manuel Santos described the movement as ‘historic.'”

Colombia is seeking to put an end to more than half a century of armed conflict, involving about 30 guerrilla organizations, paramilitaries and law enforcement agencies, causing at least 260,000 deaths, more than 60,000 missing and 6.9 million displaced. In February, the government launched peace talks with the last guerrilla group active in territory of Colombia, the National Liberation Army (ELN, Guevarista). Le Monde