Posted on February 20, 2017 9:50 am
Categories: Human Rights

And the Bleeding Continues: New Murder Reported of Social Leader in Cauca; 20th of the Year (S)

Pacificsta! reports on the murder on the February 18 murder of Faiver Cerón Gómez, shot three times in Cauca.

One more murder took place this weekend in the Cauca. Another social leader has been shot dead in Colombia. Now, another family will mourn a loved one as they wait, no one knows how long, for the authorities to give some reason for the homicide.

Some media, outlets such as PACIFISTA !, will voice alarm about the slaughter of community leaders since the peace agreements were implemented. Others, more insecure or perhaps more cautious, will remain silent.

And the skeptics will also join in: Some will stress that it cannot be concluded yet that the murder was related to his role as a leader; and the more extremes will even suggest that there could exist justifying reasons.

It is sad that a society that emerges from a war of more than half a century gets bogged down by the details and in doing so stops itself from issuing the necessary cry to stop a tragedy. I hope that the government is right some day and points out that the now 20 murders of social leaders do not lead to a conclusion of  systematicity.


Cerón Gómez is the 20th social leader killed in the almost 80 days since the implementation of the peace agreements between the government and FARC began. This means that every four days a community leader has been killed throughout the country. Most of the killings, six of them, have taken place in Cauca. Three have been killed in Antioquia and Cesar. Human rights defenders have also been murdered in Córdoba, La Guajira, Bolívar, Atlántico, Putumayo, Chocó and Valle del Cauca. Pacifista!