Posted on February 21, 2017 10:18 am
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First Time Ever: Santos Grants Interview to FARC News Agency NC Noticias (S)

In his visit to a transitional zone in Putumayo, the president was interviewed for the first time by NC News, a news organization that belongs to the guerillas of FARC. He spoke of the challenges of the process once the transfer to the transitional demobilization zones has been completed and of those who still doubt that the agreement reached in Havana will be fulfilled.

“We come to get the protocols started because the mobilization (of the guerrillas) was over this weekend. It’s a big challenge. For our part, we will fulfill all the commitments that we’ve signed. A new stage begins for the country. One in which we can all build a more free, democratic and better future, and I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.”

These were the words that Santos sent to the FARC, about whom he said a few minutes ago that they will be registered and will gradually begin the process of re-incorporation into civil and legal life. El Espectador