Posted on February 24, 2017 8:00 am
Categories: Children

The Uncertain Future FARC Minors Face: ‘Where There’s No Food, Poverty and Hunger Will Remain Alternatives

“In a country where opportunities are scarce and even non existing, the reality of minors in armed groups has several dimensions, and for that reason we must also talk about the children who went to the guerrillas voluntarily to survive on the promise of receiving food, some cash money, protection and help for them and their families. And it should be said that for many these promises have been fulfilled, in there, some even found a family, a protector, a group of friends, comrades, brothers. Once in Meta, about 6 years ago, I met Lina a 13-year-old teen, I asked her why she got into the guerrilla and I rephrase her words, she said she thought it was cool because all her friends were there. That they gave him food every day and that he had gotten there because they hit him a lot in the house.

“So we should ask ourselves today what is the real future of the minors who leave the ranks? Where do those without families go or those whose parents are around the camps? What opportunities have been created for them? Where are the country schools?

“These days, in the cities I’ve been hearing words like the children should come back so they can become doctors, teachers, or whatever they want to be, to play, to do what a child, a girl, a teenager should be doing. But if there’s no food, no games, no study and dreams land in opposite realities, where drugs, prostitution, poverty and hunger remain part of the alternatives to survive.” Con la Oreja Roja