Posted on February 26, 2017 8:24 am
Categories: New Economy

Everyone Wants Peace But Not Everyone Wants to Lose Their Privileged Lives Says Former Interior Minister

The implementation of the Peace Agreement has brought new light to the real problem faced by post-conflict Colombia: To desire peace without assuming its costs. Something is happening akin to the world proposed by Trump: To want a wall for our house, but having the neighbors pay for it.

The peace model that resulted from the government’s negotiation with the FARC goes far beyond guaranteeing the reinsertion of the guerrillas and implies that as a society we face the reforms we need. For that reason, the agreements consist of participatory road maps for reforms rather than substantive agreements. The road towards change is just starting. 

Opponents of peace, as I have mentioned previously, are not opposed to ending war, nor to the reincorporation of those who rose in arms. This was ratified by the very head of the reactionary forces, Senator Uribe, in his mendacious statement this week. What Uribe, his followers and many Colombians fear most is not to grant amnesty to a few guerrillas, what really terrifies them is that peace will change the status quo with which we have lived during all these years. Juan Fernando Londoño, Semana