Posted on February 27, 2017 6:59 pm
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Peace Means Business: ‘The Best Moment for Colombia-UK Trade Opportunities’

Tourism can become another springboard to boost the economy. All thanks to the country’s new face after having signed peace with FARC, said Peter Tibber, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to the US. “What’s more, I think this is the best time for Colombia to present itself to the world as a country with great potential on many fronts.”


British investments in Colombia are important, but the level of trade is quite low, some £ 1 billion per year. Colombia exports coal, coffee and flowers to England, among others, but the Minister of Foreign Trade of her country has said she wants to see a greater diversification of Colombian products and we are open to receiving them. We are a very competitive market, therefor the products have to be of high quality and priced competitively.  El País