Posted on February 28, 2017 10:04 am
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Diversity and Inclusiveness as Pillars of Peace: LBGT Visits FARC Transition Camp

Members of the Trans Community Network (RCT) visited Icononzo (Tolima) in what was an initial reach out to the guerrillas to talk about diversity and sexual identity. There will be other meetings.

“It is imperative that civil society forms part of this process and that’s why we came here,” said Daniela Maldonado, a trans woman who’s a consistent defender of peace, and who had already participated in a Vigil in La Uribe (Meta) at the end 2016. She believes that peace starts by recognizing that others can see, feel, and desire different.

In the debates that took place in Havana (Cuba), during the process between the Government and the FARC, the voices of a trans people were never heard. Gays and lesbians were heard; but not trans. That is why today, when an end is being sought to the armed conflict, there are trans people who want the country to understand that they too have something to say and build on what they call peace. El Espectador