Posted on February 28, 2017 7:36 pm
Categories: Human Rights

Is the Prosecutor General’s Office Up to the Task of Investigating (and Punishing Culprits) Murders of Social Leaders? (S)


According to sources consulted by, [Alexandra] Valencia’s presentation did not fare very well among some officials in meetings on concrete cases in which the prosecution had ‘revictimized’ the social leaders.

According to statements from social organizations, these failures have been more evident in some regions of the country,  where prosecutors are closer to the military.

“We have requested that human rights investigations be handled by the directors of the Human Rights [department] and also by the new Specialized Unit, but most of them come to the Directorate of Citizen Security, where the facts are taken out of context and they always start investigating romantic drama, and issues about land boundaries, without going to the point,” reiterated the Marcha Patriotica spokesperson. 

Social organizations have been surprised by their inability last year to schedule a single appointment with Deputy District Attorney Riveros to discuss their concerns; and about the refusal of prosecutor Martinez to recognize any ‘systematicity’ in these murders.

This may be the picture of the Attorney General’s Office for the next three years, at a time when persecution, threats, and murders of social leaders and human rights defenders are becoming increasingly serious. Verdad Abierta