Posted on February 28, 2017 3:36 pm
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The road has been long and winding, strewn with death and helpless victims, women and children cruelly affected by violence, families destroyed, indiscriminate killings, 50 years of armed conflict with more than 8 million registered victims, according to official estimates. What the numbers do not say is that 80% of the victims have been civilians and that the six million people displaced inside and outside the territory finally see a beam of hope: to finally achieve the desired peace.


Those are the goals of women like Patricia Guerrero, Mayerlis Angarita, Beatriz Montoya, Luz Marina Bernal, Luz Marina Becerra, Vera Grabe and Nelly Velandia. Lula Gómez has given them voice in her book, but also a face in the documentary that has been viewed in prestigious film contests: Mujeres al frente. La ley de las más nobles. “Women in front. The law of the noblest ones”. Theirs are more than names, they are all mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, friends, wives, they are all the Colombian women who have fought and who fight for a world in peace for all. They have resisted during the war with other weapons and persevere now with even more tenacity if that’s possible: they are the Lysistrates of Colombia, those that “disband the army”, the women of peace. Baltasar Garzón Real. Las2Orillas.