Posted on March 1, 2017 8:45 am
Categories: Transitions

Peace Process Moves Forward; FARC Starts Laying Down Weapons: 30% By End of March (S)

The disarmament of FARC, scheduled to be completed in late May, begins Wednesday with the delivery to the United Nations Mission in Colombia of the weapons of the guerrillas that are part of the Mechanism for Monitoring and Verifying the Ceasefire. According to a recent report by that organization, there are 322 members of that guerrilla united.

Although it was initially stipulated that FARC had to deliver 30 percent of its total armament during the first phase of the process, logistical difficulties in the 26 points of concentration have led to a readjustment.

During the first days of March, the armed group must complete the delivery to the UN of the first 30% of their weapons.

In addition to receiving the weapons of the guerrillas that are part of theMechanism for Monitoring and Verifying the Ceasefire, the UN Mission will start on Wednesday the process of identification and registration of weapons currently in FARC’s possession.  El Tiempo