Posted on March 4, 2017 8:00 am
Categories: Political

FARC Supporters in Colombia to Host Peace Congress in April (S)

Supporters of negotiations to end the Colombian conflict will hold the Peace Congress in April, to address, map out and coordinate actions aimed at promoting the implementation of the pacts signed with the FARC-EP.

Social and political movements who stand in favor of the peace process define the national gathering as an event conceived with the objective of creating alliances and outlining actions that support the implementation of all what was agreed between the Government and that guerrilla organization.


One of the challenges of the current stage is to finish adapting the transitional camps in the points and zones defined for the to remain for several months until their reintegration into civil life, given the delays in the construction of the infrastructure.

One of the keys to ensure the success of the post-conflict period is speeding up the passage of so-called peace laws in Congress. Portal Andes