Posted on March 6, 2017 11:11 am
Categories: Reintegration

Blame Game: Government Says Transitional Camps Delays and Other Problems Stem from Attempts to Depart from Agreements

The Government said on Monday that the only problems in building the camps to house 7,000 demobilized FARC guerrillas stem from attempts to depart from what was agreed regarding building materials.

In a press conference, High Commissioner for Peace Sergio Jaramillo, said: “If everything went the way it was agreed, things would be flowing smoothly. The government is not going to do anything different and problems with construction start when change is demanded”.

Carlos Córdoba, who manages the transitional zones, explained that while some suggestions could be solved in the field, for example expanding storage for food, “but if people want roads, or to change the materials for the tiles, that’s not in the agreement and that requires additional resources, when a solution is already on the field”.

Commanders have some specific demands while contractors follow the guidelines from the Peace Fund. And negotiating specific points can take as long as three days.  El Espectador