Posted on March 7, 2017 9:12 am
Categories: World

Colombia and America: A Partnership for Peace and the Eradication of Narco-trafficking (E)

With the approval of the peace deal, Colombia is uniquely positioned to emerge as a leader in Latin America and a model for resilience in the implementation of democracy.

No doubt elements of the peace deal, like integrating the FARC into the Congress, will remain highly controversial.

The new American president has many competing priorities vying for his attention at home and abroad, but in our own hemisphere there lies a chance for America to underscore the importance of fundamental values like democracy, freedom of the press, and economic opportunity for all.

Equally important, however, is a chance for America and Colombia to resume a crackdown on narco-trafficking that will be instrumental to lasting peace across Latin America and the protection of American families from illicit drugs. Fox News