Posted on March 8, 2017 9:10 am
Categories: Political

Another Historic First: Colombian Congress to Debate Political Opposition Statute (S)

“The rights that would be accorded to the parties that declare themselves in the opposition include additional funding for their political development, access to the state’s media and digital space, access to information and official documentation, right to respond, participation in boards of public corporations (Congress, assemblies, councils) of popular election, a seat in the Committee on Foreign Relations.

“With regard to additional funding, a budget of 5% of the public resources for the functioning of the parties is proposed.

“The parties that are declared in opposition will have 30 minutes per month in each channel. The cost of the space will be financed by the Nation’s General Budget.

When the President of the Republic installs the Congress, after the official transmission, the opposition can use the same media, and will have 20 minutes to present proposed alternatives to those of the Government.”


“It will be a historical event this Tuesday when the Colombian Congress will debate the draft of an opposition statute. A task that was forgotten for 26 years but will no longer be delayed in the implementation of the peace agreements. Neither liberals, conservatives, the Polo, or the Democratic Center succeeded in getting the government to present it. FARC, on the other hand, performed the miracle.” Semana