Posted on March 8, 2017 8:02 am
Categories: Drugs

For a Clear Policy of Eradication that Helps Coca Farmers Make a Living

Bogotá — Beyond the logical problems brought to the country by the fact that, according to the CIA, coca crops doubled in 2016, there is a collateral situation that would bother the country’s budget: the risk that the Fund allocated to the Colombia Peace Plan will not become a reality, unless a clear eradication policy is implemented.

Such is the case because for the government to hace access to the US$450 million subsidy is to use it in the fight against organized crime and towards rural development, something that in the eyes of the world runs counter to what is now being done, if you take into account that illicit cultivation continues to increase.


According to the spokesperson for the Popular Dialogue and Agreement in Guaviare, Armando Fuentes, the $1 million pesos per month the government pays for crop substitution activities and a one-time disbursement of $800,000 pesos for the implementation of self-sustaining projects, are not enough considering the high cost of living in areas where planting coca has been the sole source of income. La Republica