Posted on March 13, 2017 9:22 am
Categories: World

Following the Euphoria: Colombia has a peace deal, but can it be implemented?

The euphoria that followed the historic peace deal signed by the Colombian government and FARC rebels is giving way to the sobering realities surrounding its implementation. Some analysts fear the financial, political and security challenges may be too much for the Colombian government to handle.

More than 7,000 rebels are in the process of giving up their arms under U.N. supervision in 26 “transitory normalization zones” in rural areas scattered around the country. The rebels began relocating to the temporary encampments after congress approved the accord in December, ending 52 years of conflict.

But complaints emerged last week, with both sides accusing the other of noncompliance. Former FARC leader Ivan Marquez said the government has not followed through on promises of food, clothing, money or housing. In many cases, the government failed to build the tent cities in time for the rebels’ arrival from their jungle and mountain hideouts, he said.

For its part, the government blamed the FARC for being too slow to turn over arms and explosives, for making demands not included in the deal signed in Havana after four years of negotiations and for restricting access of construction workers to the encampments. Los Angeles Times