Posted on March 16, 2017 8:12 am
Categories: Transitions

The Art of Peace: Colombia Announces 6 Cultural Initiatives For Peace and Reconciliation (S)

The government will implement this year six cultural development programs focused on peace and reconciliation in tune with the moment the country lives, said Culture Minister Mariana Garcés at a press conference.

The initiatives, which she called “quite significant”, seek to provide opportunities for rebuilding their social fabric to inhabitants of regions more isolated and hit by the armed conflict, as well as contribute to their development.

“For us they are fundamental projects that work directly with the neediest communities of this country, that try to strengthen their social fabric and give them opportunities to recognize in the values ​​that have been their own,” she said.

These programs or lines of action are “Reading is my story”, “Sensory expedition”, “Schools workshop,” “Travelers of the staff (musical)” “African diaspora in Colombia “and” ParticiPaz “, which teach or reclaim values ​​or traditions that were lost or could not be put into practice due to the armed conflict. Minuto 30