Posted on March 17, 2017 10:26 am
Categories: Reintegration

The Mystery Over FARC’s Militia: Will They All Register into Peace Process? (S)

Three days ago 700 FARC men and women militias finished arriving at the 19 zones and seven camps where the guerrilla is in process of laying down their weapons. Those are the militias whose mission was being very close to the transitional zones and they had short weapons.

As to the rest — and they are the majority according to an assessment by General Javier Flórez, head of the Strategic Command of the Armed Forces — they are over 6 thousand and will also have to go to the area and identify as militias so they can be registered.


Someone close to La Silla said that to expect every one of them to arrive to the area is, “a leap of faith…”

The road map to know what will be the step by step to register those thousands of militias has not yet been defined. La Silla Vacía