Posted on March 19, 2017 10:56 am
Categories: Paramilitary

Meanwhile in Chocó…Over 300 Displaced People in Alto Baudó. Pacifista! Speaks with Journalist Mauricio Morales (S)

Digital Magazine PACIFISTA! spoke with Mauricio Morales (Instagram: @mauriciomorales0), a seasoned reporter who’s covered conflict in Colombia and elsewhere (Syria). He is with over 300 people displaced from their homes in Alto Baudó, a mostly Afrocolombian community in the department of Chocó. 

People here are isolated, separated from progress, and fundamental rights. This is another country. Without being tragic, here people go into the mountain to raise crops, hunt, cut wood, while others go to fight with the local armed group. Those are the options that they have. Here the people struggle without whining because here they have to be tough. Now, that does not mean they like to live like this. Who the fuck likes that?

I once saw President Santos in Nuquí talking about the beautiful beaches. In the meantime, people are again fleeing the war.

The displacement of last week became known because it involved about 500 people. But if it had been only 50 or 10 … Would I be here? Would we have known about it?

Peace in Colombia will never be achieved in the current conditions of inequality. The peace process with FARC is a big step, but the breeding ground for more war continues to grow here, in front of our very own noses. PACIFISTA!