Posted on March 19, 2017 4:56 pm
Categories: World

Northern Ireland Mom Bringing to Colombia Lessons of Irish Peace Process

A mother of three from Northern Ireland has been asked to share the story of our peace process with Colombians so that they can learn from it as they try to rebuild after bloody conflict.

Rosamund Bennett, originally from Banbridge but now living in Islandmagee, departed for Bogota last night in her role as CEO of Christian Aid Ireland.

Peace building is a dangerous role in the South American country with human rights campaigners being killed with alarming regularity despite the government and the FARC signing a historic agreement last June.

Rosamund said major issues resulting from the conflict in Colombia involved people being displaced from their land and robbed of their human rights and basic services as well as gender discrimination and sexual abuse.

“Everybody’s peace situation is very complex but there’s a genuine interest from the people in Colombia to understand what happened after the peace process here and what are the issues that we’re still facing.” News Letter