Posted on March 19, 2017 8:37 am
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‘The Pope Will Come to Unite All Colombians’ Semana Interviews Former Ambassador to the Vatican (S)

Guillermo Leon Escobar served as Colombia’s ambassador to the Vatican. Semana published on March 18, 2197 an interview with him. Excerpts. 

On the peace treaty with FARC.  In Europe and especially here in the Vatican we hear about how impressive it is that the guerrillas are turning in their weapons, and children soldiers have been released. The peace process is in a phase of solidification that even the Vatican finds incredible, and the Vatican has a vast body of experience in peace processes. Word is that Colombia is unique in all its stages from 1982 until today.

On the Pope’s visit to Colombia. He visits Colombia to fulfill his promise to the effect that once the social and political process was safely shielded and once the end of the war had begun, when the guns were laid down and there was certainty that they would be turned in and peace will begin to bring development — he would go to Colombia to offer a spiritual shield. Semana