Posted on March 20, 2017 2:04 pm
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Eight Key Points That Stand Out in the UN Commissioner’s Human Rights Reports on Colombia

Adam Isacson publishes 8 things that stood out to me in the UN Commissioner’s Human Rights Reports in Colombia.
1) One Human Rights Defender or Social Activist Was Murdered Every Three Days Last Year
2) The FARC peace accord, and subsequent legislation, define “command responsibility” for war crimes in a way that doesn’t meet international standards
3) Slow Progress in Holding the Military Accountable for Extrajudicial Killings Does Not Extend to the Highest-Ranking Commander;
4) The Colombian Government Erred Badly in Not Preparing the FARC Disarmament Zones in a Timely Way
5) 75 Indigenous People Died of Malnutrition in the Corruption-Plagued Department of La Guajira, in Northeastern Colombia:
6) The FARC has been too slow in releasing child combatants within its ranks
7) The Military’s Internal-Security Role Is Growing, Not Shrinking, in the Post-Accord Context
8) Colombia’s Forced Displacement Crisis Isn’t Over

Adam Isacson