Posted on March 20, 2017 10:03 am
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FARC to Hand Over 14,000 Weapons to UN; About 11,000 Rifles; Process Must Conclude End of May

The Colombian government said on Friday that members of FARC guerrillas will soon deliver some 14,000 weapons to the United Nations, in compliance with the peace agreement signed in November.

“We already have an inventory of 14,000 FARC weapons that will soon be handed over to” @MissionONYcol “to guarantee a stable peace,” President Juan Manuel Santos wrote on Twitter.

Moments before, Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas had told reporters that on Friday he was informed that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia “have already put into the hands of the United Nations several hundred rifles” and “already have the inventory of weapons, somewhere around 14,000.”

“About 11,000 of them are rifles,” he said, asserting that “the disarmament” of this guerrilla group is taking place.

In compliance with the peace agreement, FARC’s nearly 7,000 members have been concentrated for almost a month in 26 locations throughout the country. By the end of May, the process of turning in the weapons must have ended and that of reincorporation to civilian life begun. El Colombiano