Posted on March 21, 2017 3:56 pm
Categories: New Economy

FARC Fashionistas; ‘Paz Wear’ a Line of Clothing by Guerrillas and Victims of the Conflict Seek to Generate Revenue and Create Jobs (S)

As a contribution to peace in Colombia and as a tool to generate jobs, Paz Wear was created almost three years ago. It’s the first brand of Colombian clothing designed and manufactured by demobilized guerrilla groups and victims and people displaced by the armed conflict.


“This is an initiative for peace focused on the bringing new meaning to the lives of people in the process of reintegration and who are either or victims or perpetrators of war. It is an idea that emerges to fulfill dreams as well as to generate employment and social opportunities, this sector of the population will provide the main source of employment,” says Jader Zuleta Calderón, Manager of Peace Wear and now a member of the textile sector of Colombia.

The factory currently provides over one thousand decent and steady jobs in Colombia, which it hopes to increase to five thousand at the national level in the medium term. Paz Wear manufactures clothing for men and women, and enjoys support from the private as well as the public sectors, and seeks in the long term to become a supplier of clothing for official entities of the central government, as well as at the local level.

At present, Paz Wear has 35 stores in the country, and generates employment in the cities of Ibagué and Soacha, where are their garment workshops are located. El Colombiano