Posted on March 22, 2017 5:13 pm
Categories: World

The Longing for Peace in Colombia is Concentrated Mainly in the Middle and Lower Classes

The longing for peace is concentrated in Colombia’s middle and lower classes, because the upper class already has peace and harmony, they never take up arms or fight a war, never feel hungry (perhaps hunger for corruption or the famous ambition) never suffer from the poor treatment from health providers, never stand in long lines to claim a family allowance or to claim free groceries in election campaigns. The average Colombian longs for peace in their daily lives, in their daily hustle to feed their children, find scholarships or educational subsidies for them, earn a meager minimum wage, seek a better position for themselves and for their families.

The desire for peace in Colombia is not to make pens with bullets or to sign empty deals, or to create in central town squares statues of doves, or of Gandhi or Jesus, or whoever preaches peace. Peace, to them, consists of transparent judges, truly humane leaders, policemen who are not corrupt policemen or murderers, in ministers performing their job in their ministry,  truly honorable congressmen, in a country that is more concerned with the laws that directly affect them, a country that leaves hatred behind it, and where no child dies undernourished or dehydrated or any animal or living being is mistreated, that no river is diverted from its course, that no natural reserve is flooded with cement, and no poor person has to steal, no person has to beg for charity alms, in which no priest rapes, in which no student is mistreated for their ideas … In which peace itself is a concrete fact.

True peace is of every social class and every person without exception, peace is definitely that of social justice. Las 2 Orillas