Posted on March 24, 2017 8:10 am
Categories: Transitions

FARC and UN Agree of Protocols for Delivery of Explosives and Such Materials (S)

From Pondores, in La Guajira, guerrilla leader Iván Márquez announced that the peace monitoring mechanism that includes FARC, the UN and the Government are in discussions to determine the protocol they will implement for the destruction of explosives and other such materials still in hands of the guerrilla group.

Márquez also announced the guerrillas’s advances in the process of georeferencing of the weapons caches, for their subsequent delivery.

Regarding the process of abandoning weapons, Iván Márquez said “in Pondores we’ve already ordered the registration of existing weapons in the camp; and all the guerrilla members know that FARC have dropped their weapons in containers arranged by the United Nations. ”

Two containers were installed at Pondores, La Guajira, and once 100 percent of the works are completed, the guerrillas will be willing to settle and begin the process of laying down their weapons and reinsertment into civil life. Caracol Radio